Do you want to build your own chatbot?

Discover the future of communication with Teriyaki Chatbot! Create custom chatbots from scratch, using your previous knowledge and information, according to the RAG principle. is the user-friendly platform that allows you to:

Create virtual assistants for intelligent interactions with your audience

Build a chatbot that reflects your personality and brand

Optimize customer support, collect data and streamline online operations

How does Teriyaki’s Chatbot work

Choose a LLM Engine and initialize your chatbot

Select your preferred LLM Engine and kickstart your chatbot. Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly initialize the system, empowering you to tailor your chatbot’s capabilities to meet your unique needs and goals.

Create Knowledge Base with custom files, texts and links

Create a robust Knowledge Base with files, texts and links of your choice. Teriyaki Chatbot allows you to curate a repository tailored to your needs, and that contains the information most relevant to you and your business.

Customize Behaviors and Functions (if you need!)

Adapt behaviors and functions to your specifications effortlessly. Teriyaki Chatbot allows advanced customization of chatbot behaviors, up to the application of custom functions for the more experienced developer and for the most specific needs.

Create your own style with your Logo and Brand’s Colors

Get recognized by your customers and users and create your own unique style by incorporating your logo and brand colors. Teriyaki Chatbot allows you to customize every detail, color and dark mode, ensuring a consistent, on-brand look and feel that resonates with your audience.

Share and use your new chatbot by link or on your website

Effortlessly share and deploy your new chatbot via link or embed it seamlessly on your website. Enhance user engagement and streamline interactions with a versatile tool accessible wherever you need.

Same experience on your smartphone!

Responsive Design: a seamless user experience on your smartphone, thanks to Teriyaki Chatbot’s responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes.

Intuitive Mobile Interface :navigate effortlessly with an intuitive mobile interface, ensuring user-friendly interactions on the go.

Consistent Functionality: experience consistent functionality and features across devices, providing a unified and accessible user journey on your smartphone.

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