What is Teriyaki.ai

Teriyaki.ai is a cutting-edge AI platform for professionals, seamlessly combining advanced AI technology with a user-friendly interface.
Designed to boost productivity, it offers solutions tailored to specific work requirements.

Teriyaki.ai stands at the forefront of Generative AI advancements, offering a spectrum of free to premium functionalities, all crafted to give users a seamless and personalized journey

Free Style

Free Style enables dynamic conversations with Teriyaki.ai, recalling past interactions.
It offers over 100 predefined tasks for diverse business contexts such as HR and Finance. Additionally, it features various AI personas, each specialized in different fields, which aid in creating customized content, complemented by a Chatbot.

Brand Voice

This section is dedicated to developing and managing the ‘voice’ of your brand, which includes the tone, style, and values your brand communicates.

My Projects

Here, you can view and manage your existing projects.

Knowledge Hub

Maximize Teriyaki.ai’s performance with the Knowledge Hub, tailored to assimilate your company-specific content (such as papers .txt, .pdf, copy and paste text and more).


Free Style

Top Bar Menu:

  • Chat. Engage in fluid conversations with Teriyaki.ai, a system designed for dynamic interactions that recall your previous exchanges
  • Tasks. Teriyaki.ai offers over 100 ready-to-use predefined tasks that guide the interaction with the AI, catering to various business contexts like HR, Legal, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and many others.
  • AI Personas. With Teriyaki.ai, you gain access to various AI personalities, each specialized in different fields, poised to create tailored content.


    Chat enables dynamic conversations with Teriyaki.ai, recalling past interactions.

      How can you use the Chat?

        • You can chat directly with Teriyaki.ai.
          You can engage in direct, interactive conversations with Teriyaki.ai, utilizing its advanced AI capabilities to discuss a wide range of topics, receive information, and get assistance with various tasks, all through a user-friendly chat interface.
        • You can query the Chat about documents that you have previously uploaded in the Knowledge Hub section. This functionality allows you to request summaries of these documents, or pose specific queries related to their content.
          Whether you’re seeking detailed insights, key highlights, or answers to particular questions within the documents, the Chat can process your requests and provide the relevant information, leveraging its AI-driven understanding of the stored material.You can recall the document in the chat by entering the “@” symbol and selecting the one you wish to recall.

          After the first request, you can continue to query the chat without having to recall the document again. Teriyaki.ai will continue to respond based on the selected document.


        • You can use the Chat by selecting a specific Brand Voice that you have previously uploaded in the Brand Voice section. Teriyaki will create content based on the specific brand.
        • You can use the Chat by selecting a specific ready-to-use Task, that is, an easy-to-use prompt where you only need to enter the required data.


        We have developed over 100 ready-to-use prompts on a user-friendly interface.
        Each task customizable with your data, allowing you to obtain results tailored to your needs.

        Search and Filter Options:

        • The search bar at the top allows you to look for specific tasks or content templates.
        • Below the search bar, filter tags like “All”, “Blog”, “Ecommerce”, etc., enable you to filter tasks or content suggestions by category.

        Click on the Tasks menu and select the task you want to use. You can filter among the various categories. When you click on the task, a popup will open. Enter the required data and click on Generate.

        You will find the result on the right side of the platform.


            How can you use Tasks?

            1. Click on the task you want to use (e.g. Creating a Post)
            2. Enter the required data (Blog post topic, Tone of voice, Call to action)
            3. Click on Generate and wait for the result.

            AI Personas

            Hire specialized AI personalities for customized content creation

            With Teriyaki, you gain access to various AI personalities, each specialized in different fields, poised to create tailored content.

            At Teriyaki AI, we understand that content is not just about what you say, but how you say it. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of specialized AI personalities, each crafted to deliver content with a unique style and perspective that resonates with your audience. From the warm, engaging tones of a storyteller to the precise, analytical prose of a data scientist, our AI personalities are designed to match the voice and tone your brand needs.


              How can you use AI Personas?

              Click on Free Style > AI Personas in the top menu.

              Hire the persona you need, you can choose from the following categories:
              Analysis, Copywriting, Corporate, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Google, Graphic Design, HR, PR, Sales, SEO, Social Media.



              You can chat freely or you can use the ready-to-use prompts, where you only need to insert the required information.


              Block notes

                The Teriyaki.ai Block notes is a tool that allows you to take notes, edit, format, copy, and keep track of important information during a chat with Teriyaki.ai.

                Here’s how it works:

                • During a chat with the virtual assistant, you can use the Open in notes command to activate the Block notes.
                • A tab will open on the right side, where you will find the chat response.
                • You can edit, format, or copy the text.
                • Your notes will be saved in the My Project section, from which you can access them later to review or modify them.

                The Teriyaki.ai Block notes is a simple and practical way to take notes during a conversation with the virtual assistant, allowing you to efficiently keep track of important information.



                  On the right side, the Block notes tab will open. You can edit or format the text as you like. By selecting all the text or a portion, and right-clicking, you can continue to process the text with the help of AI:

                  – Summarize
                  – Improve
                  – Expand
                  – Translate


                    You can translate the text into 17 languages: English, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Estonian, Serbian, French, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Japanese.


                    My Project

                    In the My Projects section, you can find your saved projects.

                    You can organize your projects into folders, add them to favorites, delete them, rename them, or resume working on the project..


                    Brand Voice

                    Customize your prompts with your brand’s tone of voice.
                    The Brand Voice is the distinctive essence of a company’s communication, encompassing tone, style, and values that distinguish the brand. Maintaining a consistent voice fosters emotional connections, sets the brand apart in the market, and builds strong audience relationships.

                    New Brand Voice: By clicking this button, you will have the opportunity to create a new “Brand Voice” for your brand or company.


                    Description: Write, or paste, a brief description of the tone, style, and values that characterize the brand’s voice.


                    Name: Write the name of the brand or company.


                    Brand Voice Options: The three-dot icon (⋮) next to the description shows a dropdown menu with the following options:

                    – Edit: edit the Brand Voice
                    – Use as Default Brand Voice
                    : Set this “Brand Voice” as the default.
                    – Rename: Change the name associated with the “Brand Voice”.
                    – Delete: Remove the “Brand Voice” from the list.


                      How can you use Brand Voice?

                      • You can use the Chat going to Free Style > Chat, and selecting a specific Brand Voice that you have previously uploaded in the Brand Voice section. Teriyaki will create content based on the specific brand.

                      Helpful Tips

                      1. Clear Definition: When creating a new “Brand Voice”, make sure to provide a clear and concise description to facilitate understanding.
                      2. Consistency: Ensure that the chosen “Brand Voice” faithfully reflects the values and identity of your brand.
                      3. Management: Periodically check and update the brand voices to ensure they remain relevant and current.

                      Knowledge Hub

                      Knowledge Hub is Teriyaki’s solution in the field of content creation.
                      It involves the integration of data, brand specifications, and user preferences that streamline the content creation process.
                      A centralized repository enhances consistency, setting the platform apart in the digital landscape and building trust with its users. Using it is essential for achieving personalized results.

                        What is a Knowledge Base?

                        A knowledge base is a single content object with which the system can interact. This document can be a PDF, a TXT file, a URL of a page whose content I want to capture, or I can simply copy and paste.

                          How can you create a Knowledge Base?

                          Per creare una knowledge base, clicca sul pulsante Add knowledge e accederai su una nuova pagina dove portai caricare il tuo documento:

                          1. Uploading a Document: You can upload a document from your computer by clicking on the Upload Knowledge button. There’s a file size limit of 10MB. The platform accepts files in the following formats:  .txt, .pdf.
                          2. Writing or Pasting Content: Below the document upload section, there’s a text box where you can write or paste your content directly. Any content you add here will be converted into a document that can be recalled from the chat feature of the platform.
                          3. Upload from URL: You can upload a document directly from a internet page

                          After you’ve added your content, use the Save Knowledge button at the bottom right to save it to the platform.


                            How can you use the Knowledge Hub?

                            After uploading the information, you can use it in the following way:
                            Go to Free Style > Chat and enter the “@” symbol in the chat bar. The knowledge you’ve uploaded will appear, and you can ask Teriyaki for information about it.



                            You can access your Profile by clicking on your email at the bottom left and then on the “Profile” text in the menu. You will find your personal info, such as your registration email, creation date, your current plan, and its expiration date.

                            You can choose the language in which you want to view the platform.
                            Currently, Teriyaki.ai is available in the following languages: English, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Estonian, Serbian, French, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Japanese.


                            Upgrade to Premium

                            Teriyaki.ai offers the option of a Free use.

                            If you want to use all the features of Teriyaki.ai without word limits, switch to the Premium plan. Click here to see the features and prices of the Teriyaki.ai plans.

                            To see your remaining credits, look at the screen in the top right corner.


                            To switch to the Premium version, you can click on the Upgrade to Premium button located at the bottom left and complete the purchase with Stripe. You can also access Stripe from the Personal Profile section, which can be accessed by clicking on the email at the bottom left.


                            Do you need further assistance?

                            Contact technical support.