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What is is a cutting-edge AI platform for professionals, seamlessly combining advanced AI technology with a user-friendly interface.

Designed to boost productivity, it offers solutions tailored to specific work requirements. Key Features stands at the forefront of Generative AI advancements, offering a spectrum of free to premium functionalities, all crafted to give users a seamless and personalized journey

AI Personas

With, you gain access to various AI personalities, each specialized in different fields, poised to create tailored content:

STEP 1: Define your Goal

Choose from a range of AI entities, each endowed with specific skills

STEP 2: Select your AI Personas

Opt for the AI entity that best aligns with your needs

STEP 3: Receive Customized Content

The chosen AI Persona generates content based on its distinct expertise

+ 100 Ready-to-use Tasks offers over 100 predefined tasks that guide the interaction with the AI, catering to various business contexts like HR, Legal, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and many others.

Each task customizable with your data, allowing you to obtain results tailored to your needs

Company users can also create their own templates, leveraging their domain expertise


Engage in fluid conversations with, a system designed for dynamic interactions that recall your previous exchanges

Chat without constraints

Seamless memory of past dialogues

Highly tailored outcomes using’s advanced tools

Knowledge Hub

Maximize’s performance with the Knowledge Hub, tailored to assimilate your company-specific content (such as papers, documents, PDFs, and more):

STEP 1: Streamlined Data Storage

Easily and securely store essential company or product details within the Knowledge Hub

STEP 2: Effortless Information Integration

Use the ‘@’ symbol to smoothly extract and blend information from the Knowledge Hub, ensuring captures your distinct style during content creation

STEP 3: Advanced Content Refinement

Witness Teriyaki harnessing Knowledge Hub’s data to produce content that’s both context-rich and consistent

Brand Voice

Brand Voice is a company’s unique communication style, ensuring consistency and reflecting its core values across all platforms.

STEP 1: Establish Your Brand Tone

Upload content exemplifying your brand’s distinct voice from sources like blogs or emails

STEP 2: Undertake Brand Voice Analysis

Click “Analyze Brand Voice” to refine based on insights, ensuring true representation of your style

STEP 3: Create Tailored Content

Use the analyzed brand voice for automated content that mirrors your brand’s specific tone

The best ways to manage your work offers an intuitive and versatile tool that simplifies managing your projects, from documents to tasks, helping you keep everything organized

Folders and Projects

With’s folder feature, effortlessly organize and streamline your projects and documents. This intuitive system keeps everything neatly categorized, ensuring timely access and efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Block Notes’s notebook isn’t just for jotting down quick notes. Delve deeper into refining and enhancing your content with the power of AI. Every piece of information is right at your fingertips, aligned in harmony with your organized projects, making everything seamlessly interconnected.

Multilingual Support embraces a global audience with its multilingual AI capabilities. Now interact seamlessly in English, Italian, Spanish, Estonian, Serbian, Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Marathi, Indonesian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, and Arabic. With Teriyaki, linguistic barriers are a thing of the past, enabling a universally intuitive experience.

Productivity time of information workers will increase above 17,5% using LLM tools and Prompt Engineering

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