Have You Ever Heard of RAG?

RAG, short for Retrieval-Augmented Generation, is an innovative method in the field of artificial intelligence that merges information retrieval techniques with text generation. Our Teriyaki Chatbot employs RAG to tap into a wide range of data and information (Teriyaki’s Knowledge Hub) to create accurate, relevant, and informative content. It’s a blend of two worlds: one that extracts pertinent information and another that transforms it into understandable and engaging text.

What Does RAG Allow You to Do?


Improved Accuracy

Thanks to its ability to access an extensive database of information, RAG can generate extremely precise and informative content.


Customized Content

RAG can be tailored to generate content that aligns with specific needs and contexts, making it ideal for customized applications.


Time Efficiency

With RAG, content creation becomes faster, allowing businesses to save precious time.



This method adapts easily to various scales and volumes of content, making it a versatile tool for different business needs.

Unleashing the Power of RAG: Revolutionizing Natural Language Processing in Technology

How Do We Use RAG?

Integrating Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) with Teriyaki AI’s Knowledge Hub is revolutionizing the way companies generate content. In our ecosystem, the Knowledge Hub plays a vital role, being customized to assimilate specific company content like articles, documents, PDFs, and more. Using RAG, Teriyaki leverages all the updated data and information of your company during content creation, enabling advanced customization and thematic consistency in communications.

Why Is RAG an Added Value?

LLM models have certain limitations, including the accuracy of the information provided. RAG allows you to generate a database composed of documents and files of your choice. Teriyaki Chatbot will answer questions using information that comes directly from your documents. And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the Brand Voice feature, Teriyaki AI can produce content that is not only context-rich but also consistent and aligned with your brand’s voice and identity. This step allows for the creation of materials that authentically reflect your company’s vision and values, improving engagement and relevance for the target audience.

The power of RAG

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Contextual Enrichment

RAG excels in providing contextually rich responses. By retrieving information from extensive databases, it ensures that the generated content is not only accurate but also grounded in relevant context.

Enhanced Accuracy

The synergy between retrieval and generation contributes to higher accuracy in responses. RAG’s ability to pull information from existing knowledge sources mitigates the risk of inaccuracies.

Coherent Conversations

Unlike traditional language models, RAG fosters coherence in conversations. It goes beyond generic responses, offering a more nuanced and tailored approach to natural language understanding.

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