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This category provides prompts for writing engaging and informative blog articles on various topics.

Adapting Blog Posts for Different Generations

Modify your blog post to appeal to Millennials, Gen Z, or Baby Boomers


Creating a Post

Generate an engaging post for your blog


Idea generation for articles

Create ideas and basic structures for your blog articles


Post Intro Paragraph

Overcome writer's block with a custom-written opening paragraph


FAQ Generator

Create relevant questions and answers for the FAQ section of your website


Keyword Optimizer

Get relevant and long-tail keywords to boost your SEO strategy


Long-Tail Content Ideas Generator

Find relevant search entities and sub-topics to include in an article, with a popularity score.


Meta Description Generator

Get an SEO-optimized meta description based on the title and main topic of a web page.


This category provides prompts for crafting effective product-related content, including engaging product descriptions, in-depth reviews, usage tutorials and guides, as well as market positioning and differentiation strategies.

Create Product Benefits for Target Personas

Create a list of product benefits tailored to different target personas


Feature to Benefit

Transform your product features into compelling benefits that drive action


Product Description

Create a detailed and engaging description of a product

Email Marketing

This category assists users in crafting effective and professional emails for various work and personal situations.


ACCA Model Marketing

Create a persuasive text following the ACCA framework (Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action)


AIDA Model Marketing

Create a persuasive text using the AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)


Anti-SPAM Index Analysis for Emails

Evaluate the anti-SPAM quality index and get tips to improve your email


Content Strategy for Periodic Newsletters

Develop a content strategy for periodic newsletters considering industry trends and audience preferences


Edit the email copy for a specific audience in the industry

Adapt the email copy to target different groups in a specific industry or niche.


Abandoned cart recovery

Write an abandoned cart recovery email that encourages customers to complete their purchase.


First cold email

Create a first contact 'cold' email to approach potential clients or partners.


Product Launch

Generate an effective and engaging newsletter for the launch of a new product.


Promotional email

Write a promotional email that encourages users to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or signing up for an event.


Email Subject Line Idea Generator

Get attention-grabbing email subject line ideas and increase your open rate.


PAS Model Marketing

Create persuasive text using the PAS framework (Problem, Agitation, Solution)


QUEST Model Marketing

Create persuasive text using the QUEST framework (Qualify, Urgency, Evidence, Solution, Testimonial)


Achieve your business objectives with persuasive and targeted messaging generated by AI.


Business Model Canvas Generator

Create a complete Business Model Canvas for a business idea or a company.


Pitch for a business idea

Create a compelling pitch to present your idea

Social Media

This category provides ideas for creating engaging and captivating social media content, helping users build a successful online presence.

Create a Post to Start a Discussion

Create a post that starts a discussion on a topic and encourages follower participation


Create a post with a list of benefits

Create a post that lists the benefits of a topic and engages followers


Create post

Produce engaging and interesting posts for Facebook following your editorial plan


Create posts about products or services

Create an enthusiastic post highlighting popular products or services and inviting action


Ideas for Posts

Generate post ideas that promote clients' local news, offers, and events

Post Generator

Create interesting and captivating posts for your Instagram account following the specified editorial plan

Celebrate Your Successes with Captions

Create an enthusiastic caption that highlights your achievements or progress

Comparison of Captions

Create reflective captions to compare two images related to a topic

Creating a Reel

Generate ideas for an Instagram Reel that showcases the brand's personality and engages the target audience with short and creative content.

Editorial Plan for Campaigns

Create an engaging editorial plan for your Instagram campaign


Creating Ideas for Posts

Generate engaging ideas for LinkedIn posts highlighting the customer's industry expertise and interacting with the target audience.


Content Planner

Easily create and organize your social content plan


Idea Generator for Creative Campaigns

Develop creative ideas for social media campaigns to generate conversions for the launch of our client's new product.


Creating an Idea for a Video

Generate an idea for a TikTok video

Creating an Idea for a Video

Generate an idea for a YouTube video

Writing tools

This category offers tips for creating engaging and effective web copy.

Adapting Text for Different Age Groups

Rewrite the text to make it appropriate for readers of various ages


Create a bulleted list with important items

Transform text into a bulleted list highlighting the most important elements


Creating a Rhyming Text

Write a rhyming text based on the provided topic and selected rhyme scheme


Creative Story

Write creative stories that engage readers


Improve Content

Improve a text and make it more interesting and engaging


Landing Page Creator

Generate an attractive and effective landing page for your product or service


Paragraph Generator

Create catchy paragraphs based on the provided topic


Paraphrasing Paragraphs

Rewrite a paragraph while maintaining its original meaning, but using different words and style


Rewrite the text in a new format

Rewrite the text in a new format while preserving the original meaning


Text Summary

Extract key points from a text


Text Translator

Translate your text into one of the most spoken languages in the world


Write by Imitating a Writing Style

Create a text based on an input and a style that seems written by a human

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