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Templates allow for clear and consistent structuring of requests to the AI, ensuring more precise and relevant results. 

Specific answers​

Provision of specific answers to questions​

Text creation​

Automated creation of original text​


Automatic translation between languages​

Format conversion​

Text conversion from one format to another​

Concept extraction​

Automatic extraction of key points from a text​


Automatic completion of sentences or paragraphs​

100+ templates. Ready for you.

Streamline the writing process, save valuable time, and establish a sturdy groundwork for crafting top-notch content.

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Gain access to a diverse range of categories including SEO, social media, E-Commerce, sales, and marketing. Explore our extensive template library and discover the ideal match for your content requirements.


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Simply choose your preferred template, express your thoughts, and watch as Teriyaki works its magic within seconds. Experience content creation that is 13x faster and perfectly tailored to your needs.

A Natively Multilingual Solution

Empowering users to create content requests in their own language, Teriyaki AI is set to revolutionize the field of digital marketing. Soon to be available in 18 languages.

Enhancing Content Management and Delivery

Offering features like direct email dispatch of generated content, Teriyaki AI is setting a new standard for convenient and efficient content creation.


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