About Us

At Hoplo, we specialize in developing AI-enhanced solutions tailored for the modern digital world. Our primary offerings, TERIYAKI and AIKAMI, are designed to streamline digital marketing and simplify the integration of natural language models in business operations

A user-friendly, multilingual SaaS platform for digital marketing. TERIYAKI simplifies content creation, management, and optimization with AI-driven templates, providing marketers with a streamlined process.

An adaptable technology framework that seamlessly integrates and utilizes various natural language models within business operations. AIKAMI brings unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to businesses, supporting a variety of applications.

Milan Office

Corso di Porta Romana n. 61
20122 Milano, Italy
PH +39 02 87177883

Cagliari Office

Via Grazia Deledda, 74
09127 Cagliari, Italy
PH +39 070 796 7495

[email protected]